Do I qualify for food assistance?

The pantry is run for the benefit of those without the means to meet their family’s current food needs. Clients are asked to confirm that their income falls below 185% of the federal poverty level, but no proof of income is currently required. Please refer to the Income Eligibility Guidelines to see if you qualify for food assistance.

Household Size
Tamaño del Hogar
Maximum Monthly Gross Income
Ingreso Bruto Máximo Mensual
1 $ 1,832
2 $ 2,470
3 $ 3,108
4 $ 3,746
5 $ 4,385
6 $ 5,023
7 $ 5,663
8 $ 6,304

For each additional family member, add: $641
Por cada miembro adicional en la familia, añada: $641

How often can I visit?

You may visit our Evening Pantry at Wesley once a month and our Parkland Pantry in Champaign once a month. OR you can visit our Parkland Pantry twice but not visit the Evening Pantry.

Only one member from your household may visit the pantry.  

What documents do I have to bring?

Please bring some form of photo identification. Every visit you will need to show photo id and sign a form that states you make less than a certain level for your family size.

What if I am unable to visit the pantry?

If you are unable to come to the pantry to pick up food, another person can pick up your food distribution on your behalf. That person must bring a completed proxy form along with your photo identification. The proxy form is your authorizing signature. A new proxy form is required every time a food pick up is requested.

Can I choose my own food?  Does the food ever run out?

We use the Client Choice model for our pantry.  You are welcome to choose the food items that best suit your family needs.  Certain items may be limited or run short but we usually have a variety of items you can select. No one has ever left the pantry without food.

Does it help to come early?

No, it does not.  Clients are given random numbers and then called in that order.  This is the fairest system.  Clients at the front of the line may wait a few minutes or more than an hour.  Those arriving later but before 7:30 p.m., are more likely to have shorter waits, though a few items may not be available when they go through the lines.

Can I bring my children?

Yes, children are welcome, but we do not provide child care. We often have activities for children early in the evening but you are responsible for supervising them at all times. Parents are expected to keep their children with them when in the building and when shopping.